13 May, 2021

About YouthTrouvaille

YouthTrouvaille is an Online Platform for Youth Empowerment by Youth.

We are your Friends who like to voice out our thoughts on frequent occurrences and challenges today’s youth has to face.

Having gone through the same phase in which you are, we know how it feels, and what it takes to overcome it.

So, we want to let you know that you are not alone and there is a way to everything.

Believe in yourself and this shall pass too!!

The Vision

To Create a Strong Platform for Youths where they can Express themselves.

To Create a place where youth can talk about his or her Ideas, Opinions & Thoughts.

To be someone where anyone can talk about their Concerns, Ask Questions, Share Problems & Provide Solutions to Others.

The Mission

To be the Leading Youth Empowerment platform in a Country like India where Youth is Confused, Disturbed, Depressed, Lost & Lonely But has a Potential to Change the World.


“Stand Up for Yourself, Surround yourself with Positive People, Be Fearless, Get in the Good Habits & You will see the Change in Your Life.”

Sonali Kotian

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