5 Ways COVID-19 Lockdown has Impacted the Youth

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On one fine morning, you wake up and come to know that there is a virus outbreak in the country, and you are no longer allowed to step out of your house. You are locked in your own house. All plans, meetings, exams everything gets postponed. Quite shocking! It’s like you are playing a game and you reach a dead-end.

For the first few days enjoy the lockdown. You’re happy that all you have to do eat, sleep, chill and repeat. But after a few days, you realize the threat. You realize that if this does not end soon then you are doomed. The economy is going down, people are dying like anything, there will be no jobs, no work, so how are we supposed to survive? And most importantly what are the impacts of this on various age groups?

By the time children below 18 come to the age of their 20’s the situation will be back to normal. Retired people have already settled themselves so they also will not be facing high implications. The real challenge is for the young generation who is looking to kickstart their career this year. The people who are at their 20’s are the real ones who are going to suffer.

So, what are the Implications of Corona on Youth?


Since companies have stopped their production and services, there won’t be jobs available for people for a while. Every sector in every part of the world is going to have a huge impact. So, the students have paid Thousands and Lakhs for their higher education with the hope to get a good job, they are going to suffer. There is no need to look at the stats of job loss if you are one of them. It will scare you rather than giving you any hope.

Anxiety, Depression and Health Problems

Staying home for a long period is going to be depressing for many people especially to those who love traveling and outing. Any healthy person after some point of time would get annoyed and have mental issues.

Addiction to Social Media

Because of staying at home and having free time we choose to spend our time on social media. Despite having many positive benefits of social media, it is affecting young ones negatively as well. Constantly checking the social media from the fear of missing out (FOMO) is increasing amongst the youths.

Addiction to Online Games

Playing too much of online games on Smartphones & Laptops have made us addicted to these games. Many cases can be seen in past that young people are talking about these games even in their sleep.  And now because of lockdown, young ones have nothing else to do but play online games 24/7.

Sleep Disorder

One of the most important changes which can be observed is Sleep disorder. Day has become the new night and night have become the new day. Staying awake at night and sleeping throughout the day is completely unnatural and therefore severe health and mental issues young ones need to face. They are not able to focus on their career, work, not spend time with family.

So, what are the ways to Invest Your Time for Good?


While today’s generation is so busy trying to accomplish things that they often have no time for themselves and do not realise their true potential.

In the world of multitasking, today’s youth forget that self-care, self-focus and self-love are important.

You can start by knowing your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Also, you can start meditation, yoga and some exercises and engage in kinds of stuff which you love it can be anything like watching your favourite movie, reading books, listening to your favourite music or cooking your favourite dish.

These activities can be a big-time stress buster and motivate you to set your goals right.

Upskill Yourself

Along with Self-focus, it is also good to focus on your future. Upgrading your knowledge would be the best thing to do. Many online platforms are providing a variety of courses some are free, and some have reasonable prices. You can enrol in courses depending upon your interest and profession.

Build your Passion and work on it

Before building your Passion, you need to do a little bit of brainstorming on finding it. It could be anything which you always wanted to do. Is there some hobby which could turn into a part-time or a full-time career? Can you turn your hobby into a profitable passion? If the answer is Yes, start working on your Passion right now! This lockdown can give you the best time to work and gain productivity out of it.

Plan your career

The reason one should invest maximize time in career planning during lockdown is so that they can work on their skills and interest and put them into action by setting career goals. Lockdown can be a good opportunity to be self-aware and understand where do you see yourself in the coming years. You need to focus on key essentials like

Where do you stand in your career?

Where do you want to be in future?

How are you planning to get there?

What necessary actions can be taken to reach there?

Keep a check on your work progress now and then.

Hence, if you’re looking to achieve your dream job planning a good self-assessment of your skillset which can match your job is a must.

Build Network

For building a strong network one needs to build a connection with people who are focusing on the same niche. You need to understand what they do, how they do it and try helping them in maximum ways possible. That’s how you can build a professional network by helping people and understanding their activities. For example, if you are an aspiring blogger try building networks with other bloggers, understand their niche and try helping them out by promoting their blog by mentioning their top articles or its key highlights in your blog etc. By doing this you also build other bloggers trust thereby building a good contact. You need to get out of your comfort zone and try building connection via LinkedIn, Networking Apps for Professionals, Conferences and Events, Join Groups build on Passion.

2020 has been a nightmare and worst year so far of the century. Australian Bushfire, Communal Riots, Corona Pandemic, and the list goes on. Mankind has faced a lot in this year and the Youth or Younger Generation is the one who is going to affect the most. The negative impacts such as Anxiety, Depression, Unemployment, Economy Downfall, etc are huge. And there is no choice but to face them together.

However, in terms of Positive Impacts of Covid-19 on today’s youngsters have got time for themselves to figure out what they want in life and how they can achieve it.  Building a good bond with family which had been lost due to hectic schedule is finally making way. Also, good professional networks have been established between students and workaholics. So even though Covid-19 lead to a huge fallback it is also giving today’s youth time for things they always wanted.

This Pandemic is not an easy thing to overcome. But Lockdown is slowly getting lifted. The Impact on Youth are very deep and mostly are mental. Although every individual need to contribute to this war by staying at home we must keep our mental health balanced.

Young People are the most important asset of a country. Youngblood has the power to overcome every problem and standstill. Young ones are the people who are going to develop a nation. Youth can drive the economy forward and rebuild the nation and the world.

Hence, this article contributes to the impact of COVID-19 & Corona Lockdown on the young generation and some possible ways to tackle them. Young ones have been impacted the most, but the world believes in Youth. Afterall there is a hope that someday it shall end.

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