Career Options After SSC/HSC – Part 1 – Arts

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The most common question students ask after their SSC/HSC is what to do next? Engineering, Medical, CA/CS/CFA, Literature, Law, Journalism, Hotel Management, Hospitality and many more choices are available. Students are often confused about deciding the right option for themselves. There are three main streams Arts, Commerce and Science and each one is a broad subject with a variety of career options available.

In this article, we will share some insights on various options available in these streams which can help you to decide the correct option. We will discuss each stream, courses available and some good colleges for the same. This is just an overview and we suggest you do your research on your choice.

Career Options in Arts – 

People have this general perception that Arts is for those students who are not academically intelligent or who do not want to study or who have scored less in SSC/HSC exams. Some people may even find it surprising you if you choose Arts because of this perception. Some even believe that Arts is a field for women.

But on the contrary, Arts is for those who have a creative, exceptionally unique talent. Today students consider Arts as equal as Science and Commerce. In fact, over the years, the number of students is increasing the field of Arts. 

Law –

It is one of the most common and famous fields in Arts. Even though it is a little challenging to study the Acts and Legal documents, students have a great opportunity as a Lawyer. 

Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Journalist, Government Lawyer, Judge are some career option in the Law.

LLB, BA (Hons), Business management in Law are some undergraduate degrees while LLM is the master’s degree for Law.

Literature – 

English or any Language Literature is the most engaging field Arts. Literature enhances good writing skills, communication skills, creative thinking, etc. It requires a lot of reading and study as well.

Media and Journalism, Publishing, Advertising and Public Relations, Theatre and Acting are some areas where literature degree students are required.

You require a Bachelor of Arts as a graduate degree and a Master of Arts as a Post Graduate degree with language as your specialisation. You can even go for a Doctorate in this field. 

Journalism – 

Journalism is one of the most important jobs. It has a huge impact on society. Journalism includes investigating, analysing, and reporting local and world events, trends, current affairs, etc. Journalism requires passion and patience. 

Career opportunities in Journalism involve Editor, Photo Journalist, Proof Reader, Reporter, Critics, etc. Journalism requires good writing skills, Interviewing skills, Dedication, Passion and Communication.

Qualification required for Journalism can be a BA or MA in Communication or Journalism as a subject. Also, you can have a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and many other such courses.

Mass Communication – 

Mass Communication is the process of networking to large segments of the population. It includes conveying a message or information or knowledge on a specified subject to a wide range of audience and receives opinion. This is one of the fastest-growing career options due to advancement of technology and availability of resources.

Fashion Photography, Film Director, TV Correspondent, Radio Jockey, Video Editor, Sound Recordist, etc are some career options in Mass Communication.

You can have a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication sometimes referred to as BMC. Else you can go for BA & MA by selecting Mass Communication as your specialised subject.

History –  

Often considered as a boring subject in schools, yet one can have a great career out of it. Historians deals with research and discovering heritage structures. It is an interesting field to have as a career.

Archaeologist, Museum curators, Historians, Archivists, Teachers or Professors are some good options for your career in history. You can even work in the Archaeology Dept of Government as well.

For this, you need to have a Bachelors degree with History as your specialisation (BA in History, BA Hons in History) and later on, you can proceed with a Masters Degree.

Psychology – 

One of the best and important career options in Arts in Psychology. Psychology is the study of human minds & their behaviour. Psychology has many sub-fields and all are equally important. 

Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Career Counselling Psychology, Community Counselling, Teaching, Industrial Psychology, etc are some career options in Psychology.

You need to complete a BA in Psychology or BA in Applied Psychology. Many people also complete a Masters or PhD in Psychology. It is a very popular subject.

Fashion Design – 

If you are someone who likes to design clothes and have a good sense of styling, maybe this is the right choice for you. It is very popular amongst youngsters and it pays a lot. It requires creativity in terms of design, colours, and all related things. It requires hard work, dedication and patience. It can be one of the appealing career choices.

Retail Manager, Fashion Stylist, Textile Designer, Accessories (Jewellery, Footwear) Designers etc. are some of the career options in Fashion Designing. You can also start your own company. 

BA (Hons) Fashion Design, MA in Fashion Design & MBA in Fashion Design are some degrees in Fashion Designing. Some diploma and certificate courses are also available. 

Hotel Management –

One of the most prominent courses in the field of Arts. Many students wish to go to Hotel Management. Hotel Management + MBA and you can even start your own business. You get an opportunity to work in many 5-star, 7-star hotels, airlines, cruise and international hotels as well. Also, you get to work in food servicing & catering services.

Airline Catering & Cabin Services, Hospitality services in Indian Navy, Hotel & Tourism Association, Club & Restaurant Manager are some good job profiles in Hotel Management.

Bachelors in Hotel Management, BA in Hotel Management or BBA in Hospitality are some top graduation courses. For post-graduation, you can go for MBA in Hospitality or Masters in Hotel Management. 

Travel & Tourism – 

 If you love to travel and do the sight-seeing, this is the right choice for you. Nowadays the government is also spreading awareness to promote the tourism industry. Even though it sounds funny because of travelling, it requires hard work and dedication. It includes Tourist, Travel and Hospitality Management.

BA in Travel & Tourism Management, BA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management, BBA in Travel & Tourism Management. Master’s degree involves MBA in Travel & Tourism Management which is quite famous. Many diploma courses and certification courses are also available.

Tour Manager, Travel & Tourism Consultant, Travel Agent, Tourism Marketer, Airline Employee/Airport Staff are some job profiles.

Some Top ARTS Colleges in India

  1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  2. St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
  3. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  4. Miranda College, Delhi
  5. Christ University, Bangalore
  6. KJ Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce, Mumbai
  7. Mithibai College, Mumbai
  8. Mt. Carmel College, Bangalore
  9. Hansraj College, Delhi
  10. Fergusson College, Pune

The time has passed when parents used to decide the career path for their children. Gone were the days when Arts was considered as a big setback and symbol of students who were not good in studies. However, In Today’s era, arts can be considered as a stream of creative opportunities for students. Nowadays, Engineering and Medical are not the only career options. Many new career opportunities have branched out thereby providing many opportunities for the students. 

Arts stream is now as good as Science & Commerce. Scope of Arts has increased and many bright students are choosing arts as their career without fearing. They are ready to choose their passion as their career. Art is everywhere and so does Artists. Arts graduates are now earning good money and they are being recognised as well. One must be very passionate and dedicated if they want to pursue their career in the Arts. 

Not everyone wants to be an engineer or doctor or CA or corporate employee. Some are good in drawing, acting, or some other artistic work. Every stream can have various options available, however, choosing a career which you are passionate about can make your life and career success. 

Many students are not sure about their career choices even after they start working. So, it’s okay to be confused. You are not alone but try to decide what you want to do as early as possible. Do thorough research, brainstorming, take professional guidance if needed. Don’t choose a career just because it is trending or your friends are choosing or your parents told you to do so. Remember, the dialogue from, 3 Idiots, “Success ke piche mat bhago, excellence ka picha karo, kaamyabi jhak maarke tumhare piche aayegi”

We hope, this article informing about career opportunities in Arts was helpful to you. We tried to cover major fields and options available. But, if we have missed out anything, let us know below in the comments section.

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