Do You Have The Key To Leadership? How to Be a Leader?

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Leadership is one of the most important skill which everyone should posses. A good leader can make the biggest change even in an unfavorable conditions. Let’s start by first understanding who is a leader & how to be one.

How to be a Leader?

The question is often asked on how to be a leader, while this question appears elusive, there are various methods towards becoming a leader. Being a leader is surely not for the faint-hearted. Leadership for some comes easy, while for others it remains a challenge.

Many know the little methods through which one can know how to be a leader. This may not be as straightforward for others. Leadership is concerned with getting co-operation from others to execute a task or group of tasks or to share in ideology and move people towards a new paradigm of thinking. There are many positives for knowing how to be a leader. This must not be confused as being an easy life. 

Leadership is a challenging pre-occupation, one which may seem like a burden for many. But for the chosen few, leadership is an art and passion. A means of overcoming the problems this world throws at us at an ever-increasing rate. 

There are quite a few leaders in our world today to deal with the challenges being faced, knowing how to be a leader is critical to our continued existence. This is a good part of it all. We can learn how to be a leader. This is not rocket science and certainly within the reach for many people. We discuss the various strategies through which an individual can learn how one can become a leader.

Leadership begins with a sense of responsibility. 

This sense of responsibility is the first step towards becoming a leader. No one likes a leader who can’t take responsibility, if you are one who almost always throws the blame on something or someone else, then leadership is not for you. You will make it best in being a follower. You must be cognizant of the FACT that you and you alone are in charge of your life. When a challenge or unwanted situation comes in your way you need to take responsibility. 

Taking responsibility is the main component of a leader’s attitude. One can do it with whatever obstacles attitude. Only people who have this mentality will ever benefit from knowing how to be a leader. This gregarious attitude towards achieving anything is essential if you want to lead others, it must be understood that you will not only be responsible for yourself through the choices you make nut you will for many others as well. Know this and know this well. Keep it in mind day in and day out that despite the storms which may be present throughout the time of your existence, you WILL triumph out of it all.

Take decisive actions

The most important part of becoming a leader is action, taking decisive action whenever the need arises. There needs to be a mentality of acting quickly, making up your mind with quick reasoning skills and sticking to your decisions once you make them, given they don’t look totally irrelevant after you making these. Being able to take action decisively is a key component in learning how to be a leader. The following will list the ways in which you can learn how to become a leader.

Be responsible for your actions, your life and the outcome of your group.

Take decisive actions – whenever the occasion comes around, you make the decision, whether it’s for yourself, your work colleagues, your team, your family, your friends etc., you take command. This is what it all about, making decisions, decisively. When a dilemma comes around, quickly assess the best way forward and let those around you know. Project yourself as someone who can come up with answers quickly. Also, you take decisive actions for yourself as well. This is really where you will learn how to become a leader -from yourself. When a question comes up in your life, why don’t, you decide on a course of action immediately. Why do you wait and wait and wait for something to happen? Fortune favours the bold, so get off your lazy butt and start the momentum going towards achieving the results in your life that you want. Take action now on becoming a better you.

The key is Action!

Which leads us to the next point on how to become a leader; ACTION, yes, action! This action is needed to get you towards the place you want to be. So, you’ve become a mastermind towards making decisions decisively, now what? You need to now move towards becoming an action junkie. Leaders are notoriously known for their inability to stay still and inactive for any length of time. So, once you have the plan of action on how to solve a particular problem, any problem, take action towards getting the work done. There are so many people in our world today with the best ideas and inclinations, but of what value are these unless they are placed into action? You have these as well, what are you going to do about them?

Get around people, you can’t be a leader of anyone, leading yourself is important, yes, but in order to condition yourself, it’s also critical to get the skills needed to effectively have a good rapport with others. People skills are important, you must become a master at making people feel good around you, this is how you will learn how to be a leader. You need to learn how to convince others, how to negotiate and compromise. You will also need to learn how to read other’s body language and act accordingly.

Leadership is a big concept and there cannot have a fixed definition. A leader is someone who makes the change or who adapts the change. A leader is someone who motivates others and gets the task done. A leader should gain the trust of his team members. 

If we talk about a different style of leaders, it can be someone who shows how to do a particular task. He sets a path or an example for the team. Another leader can be someone who takes a team into consideration and decide after considering the opinions of each and every team member. Added style can be where a leader trusts his team members and gives them the authority to make decisions. This style can work if your team has highly skilled and motivated employees.

In terms of leadership style, two things are required. The first thing is having the traditional leadership qualities which one has naturally. The second thing is being ready with the clear objectives which are to be achieved with the help of a group.

The first thing is you need to incorporate things like laughter, good communication, or having a clear set of commands and having a persuading vision to motivate the team. Once this is done, the leader should decide what the next action will be and how things will proceed.

Next step is the actual objectives, both large and small that need to be achieved within the group or organization. A leader should also be ready with the list of issues that should be tackled and how to keep the team motivated.

Once these two things are done, one can then be ready to choose the leadership style required. A leader can choose amongst various types of leadership styles also to keep in mind to choose as per the need and requirements of the group in order to achieve the objectives. Hence, leadership is said to be upright when an exceptional style of leadership is proposed for a specific group or a specific task. 

Great leadership originates from being adaptable to the changes. Therefore, only those leaders can survive who can adjust to the circumstances. The mindfulness alone of what great leadership is will regularly make a spot where a natural leader will emerge.

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