A Week of Simpler Life – How to Live a Simple Life

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What does the word mean to you?

What image does it evoke? A log cabin and a log fire? A house with minimal furniture? Maybe a schedule with nothing scheduled?

A simple life is just that: uncomplicated, orderly and contained. Peaceful. Living a simple life means getting rid of what is worthless.

Spend some time and think about valuable things for you. Often, we believe that ‘things’ have value because of their cost to our lives. Is not true. Price is not equal to value or profit. Often, the very things we strive to achieve become burdensome after we have them.

• A bigger house requires more time and energy to maintain itself.

• Collections should be dusted and shuffled from one shelf to another.

• Adult “toys”, such as boats, recreational vehicles, or motorcycles, consume large amounts of money and time. Funny? Surely. Simple? NO!

If you are really looking to live a simple life, you will have to face the truth about your current lifestyle.

There is a completely motivating thought and idea that is so important, so simple, and yet you may be living your life as if it were completely false.

You are the creator of your life.

This means that you not only make the decisions, but also choose the types of experiences you have in life. You decide how you interpret each situation as a result of living in creator or victim mode. Our conditioning can leave us thinking about a lot of negative things, not just about ourselves but about the world in general, that just aren’t true. Just because someone said you weren’t good enough many years ago doesn’t mean there is any truth to the statement, but that by repeating it over and over in your head, you make it happen. With your thoughts, you create your world and your world is completely how you do it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we run into a brick wall when we try to create new things in our lives or embark on a new adventure because we are dealing with two totally contradictory ideas.

The most common structural conflict in everyone’s life is made up of two competing stress resolution systems. One is based on your desire. The other is based on an incompatible dominant belief that you are not able to fulfil your wishes.

It is not surprising, then, that we find it difficult to accomplish things when we have this extremely strong internal conflict and you know, that unconscious conditioning that governs all our decisions without us consciously realizing it, is much stronger than our will power. We need to re-educate ourselves. Don’t you think this is possible? Well, we actually educate ourselves in the first place by thinking the same thoughts over and over again, so yes, it is entirely possible to re-educate ourselves. Robert Fritz brilliantly explains it: “Without making the fundamental decision to be the predominant creative force in your life, no matter what you do to try to benefit or improve your life, you will simply find more sophisticated ways of responding to circumstances.”

Everyone has a tremendous desire to live more simply, be more productive, and have more peace of mind. While the details are different for each of us, the focus is: “I want less stress, more time, and more integrity, and I couldn’t get it!”

Love your life

The core of this article is that in the next 6 days you can dramatically simplify your life without avoiding your responsibilities or reducing your production. In fact, as you simplify, your life will improve and you will contribute more, not less, to your work and to your loved ones.

In 6 days, we predict that you can reduce your “hassle” feeling by at least 50 items, and add a new practice that will solidify your earnings forever!


Disorder. This Monday, take 10 minutes and eliminate 10 elements that bother you. That junk mail on your desk? In the trash. Those old magazines on the coffee table? Garbage! The plant that is almost dead in your office? Water it or throw it away. Don’t worry about it, just deal with these things! In just 10 minutes, tour your home or office and clean, dispose, save, or fix 10 minor annoyances and make your environment a cleaner and healthier place. You deserve the best. Don’t put up with the mess!


Tolerances. Tolerances are slightly different from clutter, although they do overlap. Tolerances are things like holding up a dirty carpet, a car that needs repair, or a favourite shirt you can’t wear because it’s missing a button. Choose 10 items, list and make commitments to fix or replace them. You may not resolve them on Tuesday, but in 10 minutes take steps to avoid having to tolerate these 10 items again. Disorder and tolerances undermine our enthusiasm, waste our time, create doubts and discourage us. Get rid of them!


Homework and errands. In the event that your life is stressed and wild, you’re getting things done and doing things you don’t have to do. Take 10 minutes and choose 10 tasks that you will stop doing! Combine errands or delegate to someone else. Simplify your wardrobe, grab a lunch bag and avoid the rush to the cafeteria. Renting a video requires TWO TRIPS! Read a book or play with children instead. Hire a housekeeper. Most of these things are not “rocket science”, they are simple things that we ignore because they are so small. But they reach us and destroy the quality of our lives. In 10 minutes, commit to eliminating 10 wasted time!


Update your Rolodex! We all have relationships and “friends” that no longer serve us. And on the other hand, if you don’t have a great doctor, a trusted mechanic, an insurance agent, and other experts to call when you need them, you’re not ready for life’s inevitable surprises. Take 10 minutes to review your address book and remove obsolete or unnecessary entries. Clean them up! Then get the phone book and write down the names and phone numbers of 10 experts for your “support staff.” If applicable, schedule a meeting to get acquainted. Simplify your life: set up your team before you need them!


Saying “NO!” Most of this week’s articles are about getting rid of the internal dialogue that “we should keep that” or “should run that errand.” Most of the complications in life come from thinking that we “should” do things that don’t make sense! If you don’t want to, or if it seems stressful or unnecessary, just say NO! Before you can say “YES!” to your life, you must say “NO!” to others. Be sure to say “NO!” At least 10 times today! It could change your life!


Say YES! to peace and quiet Whether you prefer to call it mediation, prayer, quiet time or whatever, the principle is to nourish yourself and renew yourself with 10 minutes of peace and quiet every day. Get up early and walk slowly around the block. Read for 10 minutes after the children are in bed. Write in a journal or have a cup of tea. If you are serious about simplifying your life, slow down and stay quiet for 10 minutes at least once a day. You deserve it!

Have a wonderful week! Slow down, watch a sunrise, do something good for yourself and someone else. Above all, be true to yourself!

Stay Positive & Stay Motivated.

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