Most useful android apps in daily life

Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life 2020

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Ever since Android technology has come up, mankind has become overdependent on it. It has now become one of our basic necessities after food, cloth, shelter and Internet. There is an app for almost every single task which we do. It is quite impossible now to think a life without smartphone & what is smartphone without apps? Today we will discuss some most useful android apps which we should have in our smartphone to make our life easier.

  • News Apps

In today’s hectic life, we hardly get a time to read a newspaper or spend time in front of TV and watch news. So, having a news app in your smartphone would help you to stay updated with current happenings around the world as well as near you. Google News App or Inshorts are some good apps that we would recommend you.

  • Money Management Apps

We often find it difficult to remember the expenses we incurred throughout the month. Especially the small ones which are unplanned. Having such money management apps such as Money Manager Expense & Budget or Splitwise would help you to remember the expenses with its date, amount & purpose.

  • Food Delivery Apps

With best food delivery apps, it is now easy to order anything you want to eat. Suddenly guests visit you or you are tired of cooking, you can just use these apps to get whatever you want. This food delivery apps are really one of the best gifts of technology to us. Swiggy and Zomato are the popular ones we would say.

  • Drink Water Reminder App

Sounds funny, but due to our busy schedule, many people are not drinking enough water in a day and as we all know how important water is for our body. These water drinking reminder apps helps you to set reminder after every few hours and it reminds you to drink water.

  • Cab Booking Apps

Emergency can occur anytime and if you don’t have a car, it can be very difficult to manage. These cab booking apps such as Ola & Uber can rescue you. You can also book a cab in advance if you know you need to travel in future.

  • Fitness & Health Related Apps

Nothing is more important that Fitness. Just go to Play Store & you will see so many fitness & health related apps and many of them are free. Lose weight, gain weight, healthy diet, body building, list goes on.

  • Note Making Apps

Just like you have a notepad on your office desk or on your study table, note making apps will help you in the same way. I personally have been using color note app over many years and it has helped me so much.

  • Music Apps

Well who does not like to listen music? Gone were the days when we used to download the songs in mp3 format and save it to memory card & listen. The best thing is I don’t have to keep downloading the new songs to update my playlist. I am using Amazon Prime music for a while now.

  • TV, Movies & Entertainment Apps

Our hectic life has made it difficult to follow our daily shows and movies on time. Apps such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Netflix are perfect solution for the same. We can watch our favorite TV shows, movies and web series anytime and anywhere.

  • Shopping Apps

The list won’t be complete without shopping apps. Shopping apps are must these days. Especially due to corona pandemic, we are too much dependent on online shopping services. So, having apps like Amazon & Flipkart is something which has become mandatory.

So, this is our list of most useful android apps in daily life. What is your list? Do check out our other articles on Life, Personality and Career as well.

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