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7 Ways to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

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We often hear people saying us to get out of Comfort Zone. But no one actually tells you what does that mean or how can you do it. But first of all, we need to understand why getting out of it is necessary and how can one do it.

What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone is that zone where you feel safe, comfortable and very secure. It is where you can be lazy and be the way you want to be. It’s a state where your efforts are minimal and you are happy with whatever the result is.

Why you should come out of Your Comfort Zone?

Let me put it straight – your growth stops. It’s a state where your growth is stagnant and you can never expect to move ahead in your life. “No Risks, No Rewards” is the simple rule. If you don’t push yourself to your own limits, you will not discover what you are capable of. You will always be scared of your fears and you will never overcome it.

Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

1. Be Fearless

The first step to get out of your comfort zone is ‘Being Fearless’. Being fearless lets you take the risk in your life and grab that one opportunity which can change your life. It’s just one chance that you need to make the difference. One person is enough to bring the change and one chance is enough to do so but for that, you need to have that courage in you to be fearless.

2. Don’t Run Away from your Problems, Solve them

The most important thing to understand here is we have to solve our problem and not to run away from it. Running away does not solve your problem, it just postpones it. There is only one way to get rid of your problem is to solve them.

3. Don’t Sit Alone All the Time

Often, we feel like sitting alone and do nothing whenever we have any issue. We find it very comfortable and relaxing but we need to understand that it does not solve the problem it just makes you forget it for a while. Once you get into the public again, you will find the problem is still there.

4. Do Something for Others Even if You Don’t Like it

Getting out of comfort zone requires doing things which you usually don’t do. Doing something for our loved ones which we don’t like can be one easy way to do that. For example, you don’t like to watch a certain movie but your sibling or partner does, do watch it with them even if it bores you. It will help you to get into the mindset of doing the things which you don’t like.

5. Do things which makes you feel stressed

Do things which will give you Goosebumps or do things which makes you feel stressed and tensed. Get used to it. Get adapted to the feeling of being tensed. Don’t run away from it. This will help you to tackle the worst situation in future.

6. Be Open to Change

Getting out of the comfort zone is changing yourself. And you must be open to change yourself and adapt the change. I know, it is not easy. Change yourself or else if change decides to change you, then it will be very painful for you. Don’t wait for the change, bring it on yourself.

7. Say No to Social Phobia

Another important thing to consider when getting out of the comfort zone is to stop thinking about what people will say or think. You should not think about others unless you are doing anything which is socially, morally, legally and ethically incorrect. Don’t bother about what others think.


Stepping out of your Comfort Zone is very important for your growth. It helps you to discover your true powers. It will open new doors, new opportunities for you and you will be successful in your life.

You need to understand that your comfort zone is the last and worst place you ever want to be in your life. It is not letting you achieve your dreams. If you have to go ahead, you have to move. And moving is nothing but getting out of comfort zone. The one stops moving, he stops in his life.

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