What does Love & Commitment Mean to Our Youths today?

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Does true love exist today? And how are our teenagers handling this love and commitment relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship or “love at first sight”?

I guess today falling in love is very easy for our generation so to do breakup. We have seen multiple couples who are coming together and on the next day do the breakup.

How this love affects our youths? Do they mentally get disturbed? Yes, my answer is big Yes. I have seen multiple cases of suicides, blackmailing and even being psycho for your love. This is not love.

What is Love?

Love is more than words. It is an excessive incline. The moment we express these words to someone, they should mean more than just physical exercise. Love is extraordinary. It’s not something you should mess with. Rather it should be esteemed and imparted to others as often as possible.

Love means: –

1. I accept you the way you are – There are not many rules and guidelines that one must adhere to in order to win his/her love. It implies that you are freed to act naturally with all of your shortcomings and weaknesses. There is no compelling reason to act or claim to be something you are not when you are loved.

2. I accept you without any condition – There are relatively few connections that we have in life where we experience genuine recognition. Many people have desires for us, and when we neglect to satisfy those hopes, they have no problem excusing us. The moment we say I love you; it should mean that we are loved in a similar way as we seem to be, not because we have to change.

3. I accept you at all costs – Contrary to what some accept, we make mistakes as a whole. We will all make mistakes, frustrate our loved ones, and have things to apologize for. When you are loved, don’t use your confusion as the main factor in deciding how to love yourself. Love covers sin. It does not cover it up yet it does cover sin.


Let’s say, you are currently in love and get into a relationship. But does commitment in the relationship necessary? Yes! Whether you are married and not, it removes all the doubt, fights and misunderstanding with the couples if your truly committed to each other. You give your heart and soul to the relationship. However, from time to time, it never seems right for your partner.

Some people talk about how they feel exhausted from constantly giving and consequently receiving nothing. To worsen the situation, your group of friends is anything but non-existent now, as they are trying to satisfy their partner. In this sense, they are in the right relationship, only with an inappropriate person.

We take a person who is ready to settle down and focus on a more meaningful level in a relationship. At that point, they choose a person who wants to respond. It typically occurs when a highly disapproved individual overcomes just by being in a relationship.

“Sometimes people don’t get the love they deserve. Sometimes they blame others for it”

This is a basic point in progress, or the beginning of the decline in your attitude for the rest of your relationships to come. They may become harsh on the other gender or choose to make better decisions later.

“Do not give your everything to people who do not deserve it”

So many of us are happy to do almost anything all together so as not to be distant from each other. However, the real emergency begins when you are in a not exactly solid relationship and you feel lonely in any case. Ultimately, raise your current expectations of what you consider to be dignified behavior in a relationship.

“We must be ready to accept being uncomfortable.”

You start hanging out occasionally or spending time with people just to have something to do. In case you are not a major consumer, but are spending your weekends in a bar, learn to expect the unexpected. The feelings of satisfaction will be far away and not many between them.

In the event that, again, you accomplish something else on your way, you will begin to see the difference in your attitude. Of course, from the start, you will miss someone else’s organization to teach it to. Also, in the event that you stay with him, you will soon discover that he will not bear to be with people and in environments that make him feel bad.


People often can’t help but think about why their partner left. All women and men need a satisfying relationship. Many individuals progress toward concordance, harmony, and coexistence with each other.

Unless goals of your relationship are not equivalent, you will run into trouble. In case your desire for a perpetual relationship isn’t exactly the same as your partner, consider carefully. You can throw it without aiming it.

“Are things working in your relationship? If no, Stop & one should not try to force other to compromise. They need to check if their partner is ready or not.”

Is it correct to say that you are pushing to negotiate?

Perhaps you have been with your accomplice for what you consider “long enough” and you are willing to establish yourself and make this relationship perpetual. Give several clues and try talking to him / her about it. Perhaps you are tuning in to the solid ticking of your natural clock that is warning you that the time has come to calm down and get married.

In the event that you come across this and find that your partner turns out to be reserved rather than more committed, perhaps commitment is not what he needs. He / she may not have the goal of marrying you.

If so, what to do?

In the event that you feel that your accomplice is not ready for a commitment and you are, the main activity is to go back and see what is really happening.

It may be that you go ahead with your own plan and he / she is not ready for it. It could also mean that you are with an accomplice who is sequentially dating but is never ready to move on.

“Take a break. Think about your relationship and note down what’s happening. Take some time and then have a conversation with your partner.”

Each relationship is unique. As you go back and choose who (in case someone) has a commitment issue, be prepared to acknowledge the obvious issues, regardless of whether you prefer not to. In the event that one of you is willing to negotiate and the other party is not; you must choose what your options and activities will be.

Forcing your accomplice to compromise is not the best activity. Regardless of whether he/she never commits to you, it’s ideal to end it without showing off. You will end up hurt and loaded with hatred.

Sometimes it is difficult to monitor our behavior, but it is certainly vital. We as a whole need happy and strong relationships. In the event you end up making similar progress in your worship life, researching this territory can help you move toward better dating and relationship achievements.

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