Self-Employment Vs Freelancing – The New Employment Options

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Since last few years, employment has got a new meaning. Employment has different aspects. You can be Self-Employed or Freelancer. The Internet has given a huge boost to Self-Employment & Freelancing.

The Internet has provided many platforms for people to showcase their skills & talents. Especially the young generation is not really interested in doing typical 9 to 5, rather they want to do something which they love. Something which they are passionate about. That’s why in recent years self-employment and freelancing websites have boomed up.

Let’s have a look at both of these terms in detail and understand the difference between Self-Employment & Freelancing.

What is Self-Employment?

Self-employment is being self-employed. It distinguishes a person who takes care of their own organization or hires someone to direct the daily activities of their online business. Self-employed jobs are for people who do not receive paid compensation from someone else or their organization.

The explanation for the reasons why people choose self-employment jobs is the absence of maintainable jobs. Unemployment can lead one to start his or her own independent company and thus act naturally employed. One more explanation we choose for self-employment is adaptability. Individuals will go to self-employment vacancies to be free. The self-employed do not depend on others to live.

Self-Employment Benefits

You have your destiny in your hand.

You have the freedom from a regular 9-5 job where you can’t really select what to do, why, and when.

You have the opportunity to pursue your dream.

You are free to make those decisions that you have always wanted.

Your earnings depend on your performance and there is an opportunity to earn as much or as little as possible.

Freedom to work and rest depending on how you feel.

You can relax with your family and friends more often.

The working hours are quite flexible

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is an indisputably becoming popular work approach. Freelance work occurs when someone offers their services for a fixed period in exchange for professional fees. The Freelancers (also called contract workers) are independent of the organizations or individuals that hire their services. For the most part, the freelancers work on a short-term basis despite the fact that contract periods change for a long time and can be extended and extended frequently.

Anyone can become a freelancer. There are no restrictions as to who can become a freelancer. As long as you have a skill or something that a business or people need then you can offer it to them and be a freelancer.

Benefits of Freelancing

Be your own boss

Get paid for your skills or talent

No need of an office. Work Remotely.

Easy & Quick way to earn money.

Work as per your own convenience.


Both the self-employed and freelancer have some control over their work. They both decide when and how to work. A freelance writer has freedom in the words he chooses and the sequence, while a freelance entrepreneur is free to run his business as he pleases.

While both freelancers and Self-employed can choose how and where to work, the freelance does not always have the ability to choose what they work on. You can choose the clients, but at the end of the day, the client chooses the project and sets the expectations.

Freelancers are loyal to the work of their own company and to the customers who buy their product or service. Freelancers tend to vary between clients, so if a relationship deteriorates, you have to find a new one.

Career choice is a difficult yet important one. Unless you are doing something which you really love and passionate about, you are not going to enjoy your work. You really need to Plan Your Career in the right way because it all begins with planning. Many do what they want to do but they struggle to maintain the balance between professional & personal life. Check out the articles in our Career section to find out answers to your career questions.

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