5G – What is it? Are you Ready to Witness the Biggest Change in Technology?

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5G is the fifth generation of a mobile network. It is a new generation after 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. 5G comes with lots of improvements & better connectivity. The most important feature of 5G is we can connect with everyone and everything be it machines or be it devices or anything.

5G is based on the new methodology. It is called OFDM – Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. OFDM is an advanced technology for data transmission with reduced interference. This technology will provide more access to people with higher speed & less interference. 

The Evolution

1G – Analog Cell Phones

2G – SMS services Introduced

3G – Web Browsing made possible on mobile

4G – LTE technology which boosted mobile data speed

5G – Better connectivity to heavy machines & big devices

The Power of 5G 

5G is capable to perform many things. It is expected that 5G will give us the whole new experience is connectivity. It is all about better connectivity. Currently, if we are in a location where multiple people are using mobile data, we might see a reduction in our mobile data speed. It aims to reduce this problem with high power connectivity.

Also, one can download movies in very high quality very quickly and the problem of slow internet or lagging will perish. This will help business and industries work more efficiently. 

Another interesting thing is 5G can help to advance the use of driverless vehicles or automated vehicles. Automated vehicles are one of the most important subjects of Artificial Intelligence.

5G is remarkably faster than 4G network. Not just 4G but it is even said that 5G beats Wi-Fi speed as well. The speed is expected to be in Gbps in top cities & and more than 100 Mbps in other cities. Also, the capacity is 100 times better than that of 4G.

5G in India

5G is already available in more than 30 countries & many countries are in the process of adopting it. Not just companies but users are also eager to use the technology. There is a lot of talk about it in every country & India is also one of the countries who is expecting the technology very soon.

Jio announced in its AGM in July 2020 that Jio is going to launch 5G phones at very cheap rate with intention to launch the technology as early as possible.

Bharti Airtel, India’s one of the leading network operators have successfully conducted a trial with Huawei. The results are very good. Bharti Airtel is also seeking help from other companies to help them in making 5G available in India.

BSNL is also working with Ciena and they are expecting to launch the technology soon.

Vodafone Idea is also in the race to bring 5G network in India & is in process of seeking help from multiple companies.


Mobile networks have witnessed huge changes since its inception. Especially in Starting from voice calls to having high-speed internet & network. 5G is just another such change which we are seeing now. It is so far the most robust change in technology. The world will experience better connectivity & increased productivity. 

5G technologies will open up many opportunities for health & safety. This pandemic has made everyone to work online & we faced many challenges of poor connectivity. Technologies like this will ensure that this connectivity issue is no more & even if everything is online, there will not be any problem.

The 5G technology will make it easy to connect to more devices without any issues & therefore we can use more safety devices such as CCTV cameras, sensors, night vision, biometric devices & other such devices altogether in real-time.

So, we are very much excited and waiting to use this technology. Let us know what do you think of this technology & if you have anything to add on please feel free to share with us. You can even share your article with us and we would be more than happy to publish it on our website. Also, check out our articles on Life, Personality, Career & Technology.

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