Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science which focuses on the development of intelligence in machines to think and work like humans. The tasks are speech recognition, problem-solving, learning, planning and more. Artificial Intelligence is a very popular subject. It is widely discussed in technology. Everyone slowly has started to recognise that AI or machine learning is the future. In fact, in certain places, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used.

Companies have started recognising the importance of AI. They have already started focusing on AI. AI-based apps; systems are now getting appreciated everywhere. Artificial intelligence is the replication of human intelligence. Machines or systems work & act exactly like a human and perform all the task which a normal human being would perform.

One important thing to note here is just like mankind, technology also evolves and so does Artificial Intelligence. Earlier machines and systems used to perform fewer tasks but as technology evolved, more and more tasks are being performed by computer systems. Thus, AI is something which keeps upgrading.

What is the goal of AI & When it was first used?

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is used when a machine copies the “intellectual” functions that humans perform with other human minds, for example learning, problem-solving, strategy, analysis, etc.

The term AI was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956 in an article for Dartmouth Conference. Initially, nobody would have believed that there will be a day when a computer would replace the human or computer do the job where the human brain is required.

Is Machine Learning the same as Artificial Intelligence?

There is a lot of confusion between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Even though they are similar but there is a difference in these two terms. Increasingly, Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used as solutions for handling data.

Applications of AI

As mentioned earlier, many industries have already started the application of AI for their operations and other works. AI is being used in Finance, Banking, Marketing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Gaming, Automobiles and many more. The AI has brought a huge change in the overall functioning of these industries and the results are quite good.

How important is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is something which has brought a huge change in the lives of mankind and huge changes are yet to be expected. Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of our day to day life. From general tasks to analytical tasks, everything is being done by computer only.

New gadgets, smart speakers, being able to unlock your smartphone with your face and many such things are possible due to AI. Hospitals have been using testing software and tools that check everything inside out of a human body. In fact, hospital and health care industry is heavily dependent on AI.

Algorithms, Cloud Services, Importance and availability of Data, new software and more investments are the contributing factors towards the growth of AI. As the technology is growing, more opportunities are being made available in AI as well.

AI is going to have huge implications in future. So, you must know about this. As we mentioned earlier, AI has many advantages but there is a huge disadvantage of job reduction. Since the task is performed by a system, there is no need of human resource and this can increase unemployment.

Today, the field of artificial intelligence is more vivacious than ever. The changes which AI will bring in human lives are beyond our imagination. Who knows we might actually have our own JARVIS.

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