Top Best Books to Read to Change Your Life

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You always get to hear from your elders that they read a lot of books. All successful leaders, businessman and every other top personality have this one common habit of reading. Why? Because reading helps you to strengthen your brain and focus your mind. It helps to reduce your stress, anxiety, depression. It gives you a lot of knowledge and your vocabulary increases.

Now you have understood why to read. So the next question is what books to read or where to begin with. Today, we will give you our list of top books to read which can help you to change your life.

Screw it, Let’s Do it

Small, easy and best book to start with. In this book, author Richard Branson shares his valuable life lessons which he learned. The owner of the “Virgin” group, how he started, what challenges and situations he faced, everything is nicely written and it’s really inspiring. The book is only of 100 pages, so if want to start reading, this is what you have to begin with.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Every list of top books to read has this book in it. Easy to read but worth to read. This book is about author Robert Kiyosaki & his two dads – rich dad & poor dad. His biological dad is poor dad & rich dad is his friend’s dad who teaches him about being rich and how to earn money. My personal favourite line from the book is – “Rich people don’t’ work for money, they make money work for them”.

The Alchemist

The international bestseller and one of the best life-changing books. The book is about the story of Santiago and his recurring dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree near the church. The dream tells him to find the hidden treasure at Egyptian pyramids. Santiago starts his journey and what happens next is I think you better read to know. Author Paulo Coelho has beautifully written and narrated the story. It’s a must-read book.

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

The story of Julian Mantle and his journey to an ancient culture which helps him to discover the meaningful lessons of life. Author Robin Sharma’s international bestseller has been published in more than 40 languages. This inspiring story tells us to develop joyful thoughts, value our time, follow life’s mission & cultivate self-discipline.

You Can Win

Another wonderful book for motivation. Written by Shiv Khera, this book helps to achieve success in life with small stories and messages which can be applied to our real life. This book is very easy to read and you will be filled with positivity after finishing the book.

The Secret

Believe it or not, the Law of Attraction exists and it affects your life. This line made me curious to read this book. Your thoughts affect your life is the core message of this book. Author Rhonda Byrne explains how the law of attraction works and how to use the same. 


What is essential & what is non-essential? How to become an essentialist? The book is all about these questions. This book will help you to increase your productivity in life. You will be able to manage things and achieve your goals. A must-read book for youngsters by author Greg Mckeown.


The author says that there are people with two mindsets – Fixed & Growth. Fixed people say that intelligence is static meaning it does not change. On the other hand, Growth people say that you can develop and increase your intelligence. This book talks about these 2 mindsets. An interesting psychological book to read by Carol Dweck.

It’s as they say “Learning is Earning”. You should never stop learning and you can learn by reading lots of books. As Mark Twain said – “The man who doesn’t read, has no advantage over those that cannot read”. In other words, a man who does not read good books is just like the one who cannot read.

Reading good books is one of the best habits of brilliant & successful person. Read to change your life, read to motivate yourself, read to inspire yourself, read to be positive in life and read to be successful in life. 

The list above is about the books which I liked. Which I think can change your life as well. If you know any other books which you think can help people to change their lives, do let us know. 

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