9 Things Which Hold You Back in Life

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Does it ever occur to you that you want to move on in life but not able to? Like you are stuck in the same spot or you are stuck in the same typical routine. It’s like wakeup, go to the office, come back home and again get back to bed. You are not learning anything new; you are not reading anything new; your knowledge is the same; your skills are the same. So, you feel like you are not doing anything. Something is holding you back and you wonder what is it?

Here are the 9 Most Common Reasons which does not let you Move On in Life

Taking things for Granted

We have this tendency to assume certain things on our own. Sometimes we take people or things for granted. Based on our prejudice we assume things. Ask yourself, on what basis your assumption is made of? Did anyone tell you? Do you have any first-hand evidence? Don’t assume things on your own. Don’t take anything for granted.


Another big problem. Misunderstandings can create a lot of problems and can destroy many good things. We need to communicate clearly. We need to understand clearly. If you have any doubts or questions about something, try and get it cleared rather than assuming things.

Over Thinking

What is worse than overthinking? People think that they are “Deep Thinking”. But they are actually over thinking. Overthinking ends up with making you feel bad, worried or tensed about the things. Whereas deep thinking helps you to come up with a solution and new ideas.

Blaming Other Things for Failures

One of the worst habits of today’s generation is not taking responsibility for anything. They always blame other people or situations for their failures. The day we stop blaming others for anything is the day we start growing. No one but only you are responsible for everything. 

Not Letting Go of Bad Things

Learn to ‘Let things go’. Holding to past things or holding to past memories is not going to take you anywhere. Whenever anything bad happens, take it as a learning or a new experience for you. Bad things happen with every single person and it is a part of our life. So, we have to forget about it. Learn from the things but don’t keep hold of it.

Making Excuses

The one who always keeps making an excuse for the things which he did or he did not do can never be successful. Making excuses is a sign that you are just a lazy person and you cannot be trusted for important things. Don’t make excuses for everything instead find a way to do things.

Taking Everything Personally

Everything is not about you; everything is not against you and everyone is not targeting you. Don’t take general statements personally. Don’t assume that people’s general opinions are about you only.

You are Day Dreaming Constantly

You daydream a lot about your future or your fantasies. Your plans never get executed. Your dreams never become reality. Your self-talk includes a lot of Ifs & Buts and therefore you are not moving ahead. Stop dreaming about the future and stop living in the fantasies. Get up & start working.

You are surrounded by Toxic People

If people around you are making fun of you, your dreams, your opinions then you are with wrong people. If they are disrespecting you, then you need to change the people around you. No one deserves to be disrespected and your network is the most important thing in life.


I am pretty sure these are few major reasons which hold you back and does not let you move on. You need to understand that these reasons are something which you have to work on. Don’t say this is the way I am and I am not going to change for anyone. It is not for anyone else but only for you. Take a moment and think about it why are you not moving on in life. 

So, what can you do to move on? What can you do to be successful? Check out these habits of successful people for your success.

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