About Sonali Kotian

Hey There!

Hello & Welcome to My Blog – YouthTrouvaille!

I started this Blog in 2020 with a Hope to Inspire, Help & Motivate others through my articles. The sole purpose is to help every young person out there who is struggling in his or her life due to any reasons. I want them to know that it’s not the end. It’s just the phase and Don’t Give Up.

I am not an expert in psychology or anything and I am not any professional writer as well. I write about what I feel, what I see, What I think so that it might help someone.

About Me

Born & brought up in City of Dreams – Mumbai, I am a happy, cheerful & fun loving girl. I like to Read & Learn new things in life. Learning new things, sharing knowledge & helping others has always inspired me in my life to be who I am today.

During my childhood and my teenage days, I always imagined myself to be someone who inspires and influences others for better. I always loved to be the part of Dramas, Dance Competition, Award Shows and all such activities wherein I can indulge myself with people and express myself.

I am an MBA graduate with specialization in Digital Marketing. Along with my studies & career I decided to follow my passion.

I believe in living life freely. Live your life in a happy, cheerful and joyful way without any self-doubt. Take risks in life and don’t worry about the outcome. Live in the present. Cut the Negative People around you, fill your mind with positive thoughts.

The Purpose of YouthTrouvaille is straightforward. With the help of YouthTrouvaille, I have a vision to create a platform for Youth Empowerment. I can understand the problems today’s generation faces and therefore I decided to help everyone. But I need support from you. This vision is not possible without your Love & Support. So please do spread a word about my Blog.

Thank You for being here & Looking forward to hearing from you.